Happy Halloween!

Tyler and I came up with some costumes a couple of hours before our ward Trunk 'or' Treat party Saturday. I just used a bit of felt we had to create ears, a leopard print shirt and headband, and some makeup to be a cat. I also have a leopard print belt that I stuck in the back of my pants for a tail.

Tyler wanted to be "The Bomb" so we grabbed a couple of black trash bags and stuffed him with newspapers and added a little white wick to his hat. He was hoping to be a little more rotund, but apparently the trash bags we got weren't big enough and he ended up splitting the center of his bomb when he sat down and spent the rest of the nite trying not to lose his stuffing when he walked around.

Tonite I think we're just going to go to a friends house and help pass out candy and look at all the cute kiddies. Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!!


  1. How did I not know you guys have a blog? Cute cute.


    Here's our blog: bradfordandcatherine.blogspot.com

  2. WAY cute cat costume! However, I have to say Tyler's costume wins out... The Bomb? Hahaha... I laughed a lot... very classic. :)

  3. how did i miss this?!? so sad i didn't see "the splitting of the bomb" in person.