A Part of History

My London family picture at Westminster Abbey. So darling!

We walked down Whitehall Street today, between Westminster Abbey and Trafalgar Square, and passed Downing Street (#10 is where the Prime Minister lives). The photo here is of the policemen out front guarding the gates because Gordon Brown (current PM) was holding a press conference. If you haven't been paying attention, election day was Thursday and it resulted in a hung parliament; meaning no candidate won enough seats to have a clear majority and form a new government. I've been following the elections pretty closely and it's been really interesting. When we saw the press conference Brown had just come out and instantly everyone on the street starting shouting "Resign." It was pretty intense and soooo interesting. Even more interesting is that if neither of the top two candidates, Brown and David Cameron, can form a coalition with the remaining party the Queen actually has the power to invite one party to form the government or to call an entirely new election. I guess she has more power than I thought.

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