The Beach

This week we went out to the coast. At one point, while driving, the coach came around a bend and looking down through a green valley you could see the ocean slowly expanding in the distance. It reminded me a lot of Mo's favorite part of the island (Oahu) when you're coming out of Mililani and down into Waimea Valley where you see the ocean just spread out in front of you. The scene wasn't much different from that, but it absolutely took my breath away. It really made me miss home and Mom and the rest of the family so, so much. I love London and everything I've seen in Great Britain, but the coast has still been my favorite because there is nothing like home.

We got to watch the sunset on the beach and then we hiked up on to some outcropping cliffs to look back at the little seaside town, Ilfracombe. Gorgeous.

The beach the next morning- I was so sad I didn't pack my running shoes because it was so beautiful. :(
We also drove out to the cliffs at Tintagel (Cornwall) and it was warm and sunny all day!! I love the ocean!!

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