Easter & Such

We've had an electrician re-arranging outlets and internet connections in our house all last week so I'm finally getting around to posting a few pics from Easter. We had a pretty laid back weekend with a church egg hunt, a little egg hunt in our living room, some new bath toys, and a simple Easter dinner as a family. We read the Easter story from the bible over breakfast Easter morning and I definitely want to make that a tradition as well. We didn't take any family photos on Easter Sunday, but we didn't wear anything special for Easter Sunday (we re-used Tyler and W's matching ties from last year and I'm prego, so...), the late picture counts :)


W at the church egg hunt- enjoying his tiny cupcake & happy after collecting eggs.

 Finding eggs the sneaky Easter bunny hid in our living room
 Some bunny loves you!
 Family photo #1 (Tyler & I look better)
Family photo #2 (W is trying to smile...)
As I mentioned above, Tyler's mom and also his grandma (Mimi) came to visit this past weekend. We visited the state capitol, the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential library, a few good restaurants, drove around the neighborhoods, and spent lots of time hanging out chatting and being entertained by W. Of course, I have no photos from the weekend, but good memories anyways. W was very cute and kept asking for Mimi, wanting to share with her and sit next to her, etc. They will be missed :)

Bonus Photo- 30 weeks

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