Boston Love

A couple of weekends ago Tyler, Winston and I flew up to Boston for a few days to visit with friends and check out the city. Tyler and I have been to Boston once before and I completely fell in love with the city and New England in general. This time was no different, despite the cold weather, and I've decided that we absolutely have to live there someday. Since the last time Tyler and I went we did most of the high profile tourist attractions, we kept our visit a little more low key and spent lots of time just hanging out with our friends the Marshes and the Jewkes from L.A.

On our first day out Winston and I went with our friends and visited the Boston Children's Museum, which Winston loved, and walked around Copley Square, Newbury Street & the Public Garden. Our last stop was Georgetown Cupcakes, which were absolutely delicious. I had promised Winston we would have a treat after our long day and he fell asleep in the stroller about 60 seconds before we walked into the shop. I was deciding whether or not to wake him up when he suddenly sat up, opened his eyes and said, "Treat?", very sleepily. Haha, he was holding out for that little cupcake and loved every bite :)

The only scenic picture I took this trip! A beautiful church on Newbury Street.
My sleepy boy :)

The next day Tyler joined us and we headed out on a Duck Tour. Winston liked riding the "bus" and "boat" and the tour was entertaining, though I wish their was a little more history to it. I did learn that Boston is a city of firsts and has claim to the first public park, the first public school, the first chocolate factory, the first college, and a few other firsts in America, which is cool. That night all the adults headed out to dinner at the best Italian restaurant ever, Giacomos.

Saturday we took it easy and just hung around the Marshes beautiful home for a bit. Winston LOVED playing with the Marsh kids and liked to have little Sammie follow him around everywhere. He even made sure she constantly had a swaddle to hold and by the end of our stay Sammie was carrying the swaddle around with part of it in her mouth :) Winston likes to pass on his bad habits!

Eventually we headed out to a little farm to take the kids horseback riding. Aside from the disorganization at the farm, the kids had fun, though Winston clearly isn't too much of a horse fan just yet.

 Riding with my lady...
 ...well, not so much.

Afterwards we went out for lunch and then enjoyed another relaxing afternoon. Tyler and I took a quick drive over to the temple and for the second time had the temple grounds completely to ourselves since it was closed (like the first time we went). It was still gorgeous and it put me in the perfect mood to head out to the General Women's Conference with all the girls (including 8-year old Ava!) that evening. I'm pretty sure Tyler and Tony spent the evening playing video games (which they might have done all weekend if we had let them).

Sunday we had a nice, relaxing morning and then headed to church with the Marshes. Afterwards Tyler, Winston, and I drove over to Wellesley College to check out the campus. I'm kicking myself for not even taking my camera on this little drive because the campus is absolutely gorgeous. It's huge, especially for such a small student body, and the buildings are so old and just stunning. We drove around and looked at some of the houses in the area too and I seriously had a hard time coming back to Austin Monday morning. Not only did we love spending time with our friends there, but the city is just so gorgeous! And the surrounding New England areas are so "New England" and I can't get enough! Seriously, I have to live there one day!
 One of the many hugs these two shared completely voluntarily. I can't even begin to tell you how cute they were together.
And they shared a bath :) Winston & Sammie forever?!?

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  1. I love the pictures of Winston and Sammie!!!! She has gotten so big. They totally are a happening couple. Sounds like such a fun trip. Glad you guys had a great time.