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 My cheesy boy!
Now that we aren't going to the doctor once a month for Winston, my updates on him will probably be less often and less formal. He is so much fun to hang out with right now and I wish I could jot down every little thing about him, but that would take too long and I might miss some silly, new thing he's doing. So, I'm only going to mention a few things I really don't want to forget-

  • Winston says three words: mama, up, and no (always while shaking his head).
  • He makes three animal sounds: a dog's woof, a lion's growl, and a cow's moo (which sounds more like a vacuum, maybe.)
  • He says 'please', 'thank you', and 'all done' in sign language.
  • He will point out eyes, nose, puka (bellybutton) and sometimes mouth on me, but not on himself.
  • He hisses when he points and always does this when the microwave beeps or my phone beeps, and he will not stop until I check things out.
  • His first molar cut through this week!
  • We tried to teach him how to jump and now when we say "jump!", he gets up high on his tip-toes and takes a big step over and over again. He kind of looks like he is prancing around and it is sooooo funny and sooooo cute at the same time.
  • His favorite book is still Itsy Bitsy Spider, but now when he asks me to read it he turns the first page so I will sing the song and then he spins around in circles and waves his arms around. If I try to go on the the next page, he'll come back and close the book and then re-open the first page to hear the song again.
  • He likes to sing and dance and will do that same dance when I turn on any music.
  • He is picky about textures when it comes to food (thanks daddy), but he currently loves strawberries and raisins.
  • He waves to everyone, including Tyler and I, like a million times a day.
  • He gives the best kisses ever, and sometimes ambushes you with them when you least expect it.
  • He LOVES dogs.
  • He LOVES the beach, especially the water/waves no matter how cold, and it is incredibly hard to keep a hold of him so he doesn't get washed away.
  • He LOVES pointing out trucks, buses and airplanes and even points at the window everytime he hears one and we are inside.

     Pointing out airplanes by LAX (sidenote: W often asks me to put his sunglasses on him, and he usually doesn't touch them once they're on)
     W was happy to point out and watch all the airplanes, but when this giant one flew by he came running for me and was a tad bit freaked out. It was pretty cute though :)

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