12 mos

 24 lbs. 30 inches

On Saturday Nicole of Nicole Priest Photography took some 1-year photos of Winston for us and they all turned out soooo beautiful! But maybe that's just because it's W she was photographing and I'm biased :) Either way, here are a few of the photos... or maybe more than just a few.

So cheesy :)


A few facts about Winston:
  • He thinks it's pretty funny to give high fives and do his cheesy smile.
  • He LOVES balls, especially basketballs, and has been throwing them in the hamper a lot lately so a basketball hoop is definitely in his future.
  • He loves to help mama vacuum and is very focused while doing so. He also has a full meltdown when the vacuum is put away. So far it's the only time I've ever seen tears streaming down his face without an accompanying injury.
  • He cannot eat enough raisins and loves to hold the little box himself- I think it's half the fun.
  • He learned to say please in sign language and is very polite now. He always smiles when he says it :)
  • He points and says "sss,sss" when he needs/wants something.
  • He loves pushing strollers, carts, wagons, abandoned bikes, and anything else with wheels.
  • He usually runs, not walks.
  • He loves to climb stairs and furniture, but still doesn't know how to get down.
  • He really likes playing outside.
  • He still likes baths and likes to play in the pool too.
  • He tells stories all day long, and sings quite a bit too.
  • He brings me his Itsy Bitsy Spider book shortly after he wakes up every, single morning.
  • He tries to chase down every dog he sees in the park and he'll go right up to them and pat their backs.
  • He loves it when I blow on his hair or feet and always asks for it by blowing at me.
  • He gives us sweet (open-mouthed) kisses whenever we ask for them!!
The End

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  1. all of these pics are so priceless! looks like i'm going to have a different wallpaper photo each week for the foreseeable future!