My Little Grom


On Friday the temperature got up to 92 degrees, so W and I headed to the beach. I took W to the beach a few times last summer, but he was always sleeping in a bassinet or chilling on my lap so I didn't know how things would go. I was kind of bracing for a somewhat stressful outing, but I really wanted to give it a go. We headed out early so we could stop and buy a beach umbrella (worth every penny with my white little babe) and then stopped by Tyler's office to have an early lunch. Afterwards we walked over to beach next to the Santa Monica pier and it only took me about a minute to figure out that it was not a good beach for a baby. So we went home and W took an extra long nap :)

I almost decided not to bother with it, but we really had nothing else to do, so when he woke up we headed down to another beach that was more baby friendly. And I'm soooo glad we did! W loved playing in the sand- throwing it, "shoveling" it, standing & walking in it, etc. He also loved just sitting/standing on the blanket in the shade telling me stories nonstop and waving to everyone who walked by. We even went down to the water for a bit and, though it was cold, he didn't mind the waves washing over his feet. In fact, he wanted to follow the waves back into the ocean a few times.

W seriously loved every minute of it and would have been happy to stay for another hour or so, but I made him come home and take a bath. Which he also loved :) It was a surprisingly relaxing day at the beach and we're super excited for our Hawaii trip next week and for the rest of summer!

Little grom checking out the waves. I think he looks so silly just standing around like that, but he does it all the time. 
I included this last photo because it is the sole photo I have of W doing his excited karate chop thing. Last night at dinner he was telling us a story and started doing his chop and so Tyler started doing it too. Obviously, things got really intense and W would tighten his whole body, do the chop, and then hold it until his face turned red. Then he'd release and start laughing. Tyler and I laughed so hard we cried :)

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  1. Love watching your babe grow up! He is so adorable.

    What is a grom?