Hawaiian Vacation Part I: Jenny's Graduation

My youngest sister Jenny graduated from high school this year so Winston and I flew to Hawaii two days before Tyler so we could be there for it. I was really nervous that I would have a major meltdown during this trip to Hawaii, as my parents are moving back to the mainland this June after 16 years in Laie. It was probably the last trip out there for us for a long time, and even if we do visit again, it won't be the same. I managed to get through the entire trip without a meltdown, but getting through graduation was REALLY hard! I teared up watching Jenny graduate, but I kept it to watery eyes with no hysterics, so I'm pretty proud of myself. I never thought I was so sentimental about high school and the Hawaiian culture that is so prevalent in graduations there, but turns out, I am. I guess I'm a Red Raider for life :) It's just something you will never experience anywhere else, ever.

 Jenny & her diploma
The graduate and I
 Jenny & her friend, Cody
Jenny, one of her best friends Tiffany, & another friend who is almost submerged in leis.
 About to leave for the all-night senior party that follows graduation- this year they took a harbor cruise, spent several hours at Dave & Busters, had a dinner and a dance at a fancy restaurant, and spent the following morning at the water park.
Jenny & her other best friend, Jasmine
Jenny and her proud Mama
 Jenny at the end of the night with her awesome sign, thanks to Ben & I :)

Just to explain a little, Hawaii high school graduations are not like most, and I like to think Kahuku graduations are especially rad. It is very informal- no tickets are given, anyone can come, people are blowing air horns throughout, and at least 50% of the grads do a backflip or weird dance or salute or something else ridiculous when they walk up to receive their diploma. The seniors also perform a song and dance and there are always more than two valedictorians, because anyone with a GPA of 4.0 or higher can give a speech. Then, of course, there is the lei giving tradition that follows. Kahuku always sends everyone outside and the grads are supposed to go stand next to the tree with the first letter of their last name tacked to it so people can find them and give them leis in congratulations. Of course, the grads always want to wander and give leis to their friends too, hence the ginormous sign Ben and I made to follow Jenny around. Most grads have someone following them with a sign so others can still find them. It's awesome and I love it!! So proud of you Jay!!

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  1. Kate, so proud of your sister. Those Lei's are unreal what a cool tradition. Can't wait to hear more about your trip.