The Beehive State

Our flight home and the only photo of the trip; my b.

Over the weekend we all flew up to Utah to for a little fun with some friends. We made the rounds and visited with friends in Springville, Provo, Lehi, Salt Lake and Ogden. Here are the highlights:
  • W took three unassisted steps at the airport right before we boarded the plane. He did that a few more times while we were in Utah, so it's only a matter of time now...
  • W was a pro-flyer again and was glued to the window during take-offs and landings.
  • We stayed with our friend's the Killpacks (they are awesome), and W LOVED their dog, Prez. W followed him everywhere, wanted to touch him constantly, and giggled whenever Tyler played tug-of-war with Prez. We need to get a puppy :)
  • We got to meet baby Reese, the Killpack's very squishy baby. She is so, so cute!
  • We met up with Alex (Tyler & Nick Killpack's old roommate) for dinner. He's always fun to visit with :)
  • Tyler got to visit with two of his mission companions he hasn't seen for a few years and remembered how much he loves those guys. Hopefully it won't be so long before we see them again.
  • We visited our friend's the Gees and their baby, Dottie. She's just as cute as her photos and I think W may really, really, like her...
  • We made a trip to the BYU bookstore and Tyler promised we would only leave with one book... we left with five. Although, I may have picked three of them :) It's okay to be obsessed with church books, yeah?!
  • We had lunch at Cafe Zupas.
  • We met up with Alyssa and Jillian, my pals from London, for breakfast. I seriously LOVE those girls!
  • We took a nap one morning while W napped and it may have been one of the best parts of our trip :)
  • On Sunday one of W's two front teeth cut through. Yay for teeth!
  • We stopped in to see the Jones' who used to be in our ward here in L.A. I love talking with them and we really do miss them over here.
  • Ever since W was a newborn I have always done this thing to him where I tap my forehead to his and then tell him I love him. For a little while now he has been initiating the 'bonk' with Tyler and I and we always tell him we love him when he does it. While we were visiting the Gees W crawled over to Dottie several times and tapped his forehead to hers! Later that night he did the same thing to Reese. He is such a sweet boy!
We spent quite a bit of time lounging around the Killpack's home just chatting with them. We're so grateful for their hospitality and friendship. It was definitely a nice, quick getaway for the weekend.

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