Weekend Update

On Saturday Winston had his first ever solid foods- green beans mixed with rice. He didn't seem to mind the flavor, but was a little unsure of what to do with the food once it was in his mouth. We know he actually swallowed quite a bit judging by the state of his diaper later in the day though :) I've given him more green beans and rice every day since Saturday and he is now downing it like a champ. My pediatrician told me I could exclusively breast feed for six months, but after that W would need something to supplement his diet. It is sooo true, cause I can barley keep up with this boy right now. Hopefully the solid food will help fill him up.
 Slowly figuring out he can swallow the green beans.

Saturday nite was our ward Christmas party and W got to sit on Santa's lap. He is way too interested in everything around him to be afraid of Santa; instead, he just wanted to eat his beard :)

"All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" ...but seriously.

Sunday evening we headed down to Torrance where they have a neighborhood that goes all out with Christmas lights every year. Last year we tried to drive through it and it was a mess, so this year we just parked a few blocks away and walked through the streets. It was right around W's bedtime, but he was thrilled to be staying up late and giggled and squealed almost the whole time. I didn't get any photos of the lights, but I did get our little man's happy face!!


When we got home Sunday nite it was late and W just wanted to shnuggle. He usually gives us a little squeeze around the neck when we get him out of bed, but other than that he is way too curious to shnuggle for long. Tyler was loving his little moment with W, and I'm happy he got some shnuggle time in before we head out to Hawaii tomorrow morning. W is going to miss his daddy for sure!

 My new favorite photo

Like I said, tomorrow W and I are headed to Hawaii to attend my brother Ang's wedding and visit with his Granna and Pa. It'll be W's first time in the aina and we are soooo excited! I'm hoping the flight is smooth and the weather's perfect!! We'll be back just in time for Christmas, so it should be a fun rest of the year- I'll keep you posted :)

Also, did I mention our little gent can sit up all by himself now?! He started doing it last Monday and has gotten really good at it in just one week. He is so amazing! 



Those cheeks in photo #1 are PRICELESS!!

And just to make your holidays more merry, I've included some bonus photos :)

 W chilling in his chair with my very old, stuffed Tigger

Naked bum!!

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