Merry Merry Christmas

W's first Christmas was absolutely perfect! Tyler and I have both been feeling especially grateful for how blessed we are lately, and Christmas proved just that once again. Although Tyler had to work Christmas Eve, we still managed to read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and the Christmas story from the bible together.

Christmas morning Tyler let me sleep in a little bit while he and W made personal German pancakes for breakfast. Then we let W see what Santa brought him- a sock monkey! W LOVES sucking/chewing on his swaddles and socks, and now his sock monkey is one more wonderful thing to stick in his mouth! We opened the rest of our gifts and W got some wooden blocks, a truck puzzle and some clothes. Tyler and I weren't supposed to be doing gifts for each other this year because we recently bought a new sofa set and a large painting of Christ, but Tyler broke the rules- as always. So I gave Tyler a pair of shoes (he bought himself) and W gave him a cardy. Tyler gave me a new house phone and a Dyson vacuum. Awesome!

Santa came!
 New best friend
 So excited!
Very puzzling :)
Happy boy!!
 Thanks for the tape measure Ben-Tyler loves it! 
Who doesn't love a good cardy?
Happy Christmas!

After we opened gifts at home we headed down to Tyler's mom's house and opened some more gifts with the whole family. W got some more awesome toys, books, and clothes while Tyler and I got throw pillows, gift cards, board games, gun cleaning equipment, and a basket to keep W's new toys in. I'm sure I'm leaving a few things out, but we loved everything and we think our family is the best!!

For dinner we headed over to Tyler's dad's house for some prime rib which was delish! We opened a few more gifts and then headed home. And, because we are old people, we all went straight to bed. I love Christmas!!!

W was just figuring out how to pull the paper off by the end of the day.
 A gift bigger than me is the best kind!
Handsome outfit
Thanks for the gifts everyone!!

I'll write another post shortly on W and I's trip to the aina and our mini Christmas there!!

Happy Holidays!!

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