First Thanksgiving

I get so caught up in the moment sometimes that I completely forget to capture it- but I guess I'd rather really be in the moment than watching it happen through a camera lens!

Winston celebrated his first Thanksgiving yesterday and I think he loved it. Mostly I think he loved that daddy was with us all day. But he also had fun singing songs with his aunts and watching all the hustle & bustle around him. I haven't given W any real food yet, but yesterday I let him lick some mashed potatoes off my finger and suck on a piece of apple for a minute and he definitely loved the apple :) We're so excited for the Christmas season now (W and I have secretly been listening to Christmas music all week!), and I promise to get some real Christmas photos. As far as Thanksgiving goes, W barely ate anything last nite before he crashed:

Sooo cute!! 

As always, I am so grateful for so many things this year that I can't possibly mention them all, so I'm going to keep it simple. It was a big year and I am most grateful for this squishy, healthy babe, motherhood, and, of course, my love, Tyler!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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