5 mos

 "Made in California" - 18.5 lbs. 27 inches

Winston is a hard-core roller and has recently figured out that he can roll to get places. Because of said rolling and all that accompanies the teething process (i.e. frequent diarrhea) he only gained half a pound in the last month. No worries though, he still has those famous chubby cheeks and he grew another inch! W is also a little drooling machine and is talking a lot more- playing with the fluctuations and volume in his voice.

Some of his favorite things right now are: standing (still), blowing raspberries, bouncing, popping noises, tickles, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star & Patty-cake, reading books &turning the pages, hanging out with daddy, going for walks & watching cars, singing songs, his hands, his blankets/swaddles (especially pulled up over his face while he sleeps), chewing on anything & everything, and breathing. Breathing? Yes, W enjoys breathing deeply, breathing loudly with his mouth wide open, and holding his breath. All for fun!

 Whenever W is sitting on my lap, every so often he looks up at me just like this. It is soo cute and I think he is just checking to see if I'm still there.
 We just bought W a bouncer since he likes to stand and bounce so much. 
P.S. He is wearing a diaper.
  Happy boy!

W prefers to be sitting up to poop (unfortunately for his carseat). He is concentrating on just that in this photo :)

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