40 Weeks.... and still pregnant

4 weeks

40 weeks

Another week has passed and our little fella is still hanging in there- I really need to be less hospitable next time around. I've still been nice and comfortable (don't know if that's a bad sign as far as getting this labor moving), but it's pretty incredible how much movement I feel like I've lost just in this last week. Suddenly getting in and out of the car is a lengthy process and Tyler has become my official shoe tie-er. According to the doctor the babe is measuring just over seven pounds right now, but when I try to open the bottom drawer he feels more like a 12-pounder. I'm hoping we've taken the final pre-baby photo and I thought I'd compare to the photo we took of me at four weeks; when I found out we were expecting. It's hard for me to imagine life without this basketball on me, but I'm also sooo excited to have a whole new wardrobe again! I don't think I've ever been so excited to wear my own clothes before. Hopefully my next post will have lots of photos of a little squishy babe!! Cross your fingers :)

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