Whirlwind Holidays

Photo of a frozen fountain, because without a photo this post would be really boring :)

I apologize for having abandoned all my adoring fans (Pa & Jo) for the past couple of weeks, but I have some really good excuses to explain my long absence. Since my last post, Tyler and I have gone back and forth across the country a few times, celebrated the holidays, and have finally begun to get things settled for the next couple of years in L.A. To keep things short and sweet I'll give you the highlights (or anything of note) in bullet-point format:

  • Spent Christmas with the Turners in L.A. Tyler/Santa got me a beautiful Kate Spade purse because he is the most awesome husband/jolly fat-man ever! Tyler also had a temperature of 102 and horrible chills Christmas day, which may or may not have been caused by the Lakers embarrassing loss. Tyler claims that he NEVER gets sick because he has a superior immune system, but after hearing what his temperature was he finally conceded he was ill- a huge step forward for Tyler.
  • We completed our stay in Chicago and moved home. Since Tyler's last week in Chicago was the week between Christmas and New Years, we flew my sister Sarah out to Chicago to accompany me while driving the Focus back to L.A. We had a lovely little roadtrip stopping in Lincoln, NE to see our new niece Shelby May, Denver, CO where we hung out with one of my best friends, Monica, and her family, and Las Vegas, NV where we stopped in to see another one of my best friends, Ashton, and her twin boys. We also spent a nite in Beaver, UT after enduring some crazy snow storms and bad road conditions all through Colorado, and for two Hawaii girls I think we did a pretty good job of managing the snow.
  • Celebrated New Years 2011 with Sarah and Justin. We all wore sparkly crowns and pulled confetti poppers at midnite and.... that's about it.
  • Tyler and I did some hard-core apartment shopping and found the perfect one for us in Beverly Hills just 4 minutes from Tyler's office in Century City- I'll try to post photos soon. Tyler also began his real job with JP Morgan in L.A.
  • I spent the weekend driving with the Turners out to Aspen for a week of skiing. Tyler will be joining us Tuesday and it should be a fun week!
We have a few more exciting things to report shortly, but for now Tyler and I are both just really happy to finally be settling down in L.A. and not living in a hotel anymore, well except for this week in Aspen :) I'll keep you posted!!


  1. We'll have to get together once we move to San Diego!

  2. You know what I sang in my head when I read where you will be living?
    "Beverly Hills- That's where I want to BE (money money, money money) Livin' in Beverly Hills."
    I looooove you.