So, for all of you who saw my most recent post about Tyler and I welcoming puppy Pau into our home, I apologize. Shortly after we brought Pau home to California we felt as if this was not the right time for us to be taking care of a small puppy. It's hard to explain the feeling, but we both felt as though our time was going to be needed elsewhere in the near future and so we decided it would be best for the puppy and ourselves to send him to another home where he would be loved just as much.

Although I cried numerous times in the days following our decision, I feel much better about giving him up now because he is now the new member of my sister Amy's family. I took Pau up to Idaho at the beginning of the week and he is already loving their backyard full of snow and the added attention and exercise he gets living with two small kids. Tyler and and I are both still very sad to give up such a cute, mellow puppy (not to mention how quickly he has caught on to his training), but we believe this will be better for Pau and for us in the long run.

But just because we only had him for a week, don't think I don't already have several cuteness-overload photos to share. We love you Pau!!


  1. Kate! Your puppy is so freaking cute! I vote you bring him to our next London reunion :) miss you!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. SO CUTE!! I want him. We will have to come by and see him and your new place some time. Let me know what works. Are you working now?

  3. Brent and I are drooling over your puppy! He is so cute!

  4. He's SOOOOOO cute! Love.
    I also can not get over how beautiful your pics are from your Aspen weekend - you've got such an artistic eye.