My Man

We celebrated Tyler's 29th birthday over the weekend and kept it really low-key even though I feel he deserves a giant party on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea complete with fireworks every year! Maybe when he turns 50- I'll keep you posted. But anyway, this man really is the best husband and dad possible. I remember being overwhelmed with love for him when Winston was born and the gush of adoration for him is no different with this new baby. I really can't imagine my life without him and I know W would instantly fall to pieces too (every morning he tells me, "I want dadda come home.").

On the 4th of July We had no real morning plans so I thought we would just take it easy as a family and hang out. Tyler thought it would be a good chance to mow the lawn, clear some weeds, rake, blow out the garage, clean off the sprinkler heads, etc. I kept telling him he didn't need to worry about doing yard work on a holiday, but after he basically begged me to do it three or four times, I finally just let him go. Who else can say their husband is begging to get chores done on a holiday?! I know he wants us to have a nice yard so W and I can enjoy it during the day and I am so appreciative of all the hard work he does around here. Like I said, he is the best husband and dad ever!!

I snuck a few pictures of him working in the yard on the 4th as proof :)
So, I just wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday again, and make sure he knows how much we love and need him. I can't wait to see what the next several years have in store for him and our family!

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