4 Weeks

I promise I won't be doing an update for every single month of Winston's life, but I feel like 1 month is a milestone so I'm doing one now. He had his 1 month check-up this morning and he currently weighs 11 lbs. 6 oz. (90th percentile) and is 22.5 inches long (80th percentile). Dr. K said he is a perfectly healthy, squishy babe and Tyler and I are looking forward to seeing some reaction smiles now. I think he'll smile at Tyler first cause Winston LOVES to just look at his daddy. Other Winston facts:
  • He has baby male-pattern-baldness (thanks daddy), and big blue eyes
  • He is really good at picking his head up
  • He is an incredibly noisy sleeper and sometimes sounds like a mini wookie :)
  • He is semi-potty trained -- if we put him on the changing table and wait for a few seconds he poops
  • He still doesn't really cry, but when he is upset or uncomfortable he squawks and it's loud but pretty cute
  • He looks more and more like a baby and not a newborn every day -- it's kind of sad, but I love how much more interactive he is already
  • Tyler and I mostly just call him Squishy :)
 4 weeks old

Happy family at 1 month
This week we took Winston to the beach for the first time and he was perfectly content to just sit there and take it all in. It has been very warm this summer so we're planning a lot more beach trips and by the end of the summer we might just have a little grom in the making :)

Winston just chilling at the beach


  1. 1. He is BEAUTIFUL. 2. you are BEAUTIFUL! 3. Josh was really happy and excited to see these pics of Winston. He was laughing and smiling. Long-distance baby friends?

  2. He looks soooooo much like Tyler when he was a kid it is scary!