"Beach. Yep, beach."

Aloha from the aina!! Tyler and I have had a crazy couple of weeks. I spent a couple of days in L.A. switching out some of our summer clothes for winter clothes so we won't freeze to death during our last month's stay in Chicago, and then I headed out to Hawaii. I first went to Maui for the Maui Invitational, finally visiting another island after having lived in Hawaii for over 10 years. I loved Maui and I loved seeing Lanai and Molokai as we flew over them as well. The tournament was a lot of fun too, even though my team didn't win.

Tyler made his way to the islands a few days after me and was able to spend sometime with Andrew, his cousin, who just returned home from his mission in Texas. We met up Thanksgiving morning and spent the holiday weekend with my family eating lots of good food, playing at the beach, picking out a Christmas tree and playing lots of Pirate's Life!!

Unfortunately, Tyler had to fly back to NYC for a week to take his Series 7 test for JP Morgan Saturday nite. I, however, am still enjoying a little Hawaiian vacation.

I have had my camera next to me throughout the last couple of weeks, but didn't take a single picture until I had a few moments to myself at the beach this morning. I promise to get a few more good photos before I leave though.

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