Movember- Take 2

I guess Movember is becoming a tradition for Tyler. He gets one month a year to have some major facial hair and feel really manly because of it, while I get to be married to a creeper for an entire month :) W didn't seem to mind as much as I did- in fact, he rather enjoyed stroking daddy's mustache every chance he got. Yesterday we visited Tyler at work so we could get a photo of him and W together with their mustaches, and since we now have photographic proof of the manly facial hair, it was shaved last nite! Hooray!! Just in time for family photos :)

Our friends the Smiths gave us this cute mustache pacifier for W, but do you notice Tyler holding W's hands down? Yeah, he won't take a pacifier to save his life and I'm not complaining :)


A couple of firsts

Winston experienced two important 'firsts' on Saturday:

1. He rode in a shopping cart for the first time. He wasn't too sure about it and kept his arms out to the side the entire time :)

and 2. He picked out his first Christmas tree!! Although he probably won't remember anything about his first Christmas, I'm soooo excited for him! And we're going to go look at Christmas lights, snuggle up by the tree listening to Christmas music, read Christmas books, sing Christmas songs, and the whole shebang!


First Thanksgiving

I get so caught up in the moment sometimes that I completely forget to capture it- but I guess I'd rather really be in the moment than watching it happen through a camera lens!

Winston celebrated his first Thanksgiving yesterday and I think he loved it. Mostly I think he loved that daddy was with us all day. But he also had fun singing songs with his aunts and watching all the hustle & bustle around him. I haven't given W any real food yet, but yesterday I let him lick some mashed potatoes off my finger and suck on a piece of apple for a minute and he definitely loved the apple :) We're so excited for the Christmas season now (W and I have secretly been listening to Christmas music all week!), and I promise to get some real Christmas photos. As far as Thanksgiving goes, W barely ate anything last nite before he crashed:

Sooo cute!! 

As always, I am so grateful for so many things this year that I can't possibly mention them all, so I'm going to keep it simple. It was a big year and I am most grateful for this squishy, healthy babe, motherhood, and, of course, my love, Tyler!! Happy Thanksgiving!!


5 mos

 "Made in California" - 18.5 lbs. 27 inches

Winston is a hard-core roller and has recently figured out that he can roll to get places. Because of said rolling and all that accompanies the teething process (i.e. frequent diarrhea) he only gained half a pound in the last month. No worries though, he still has those famous chubby cheeks and he grew another inch! W is also a little drooling machine and is talking a lot more- playing with the fluctuations and volume in his voice.

Some of his favorite things right now are: standing (still), blowing raspberries, bouncing, popping noises, tickles, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star & Patty-cake, reading books &turning the pages, hanging out with daddy, going for walks & watching cars, singing songs, his hands, his blankets/swaddles (especially pulled up over his face while he sleeps), chewing on anything & everything, and breathing. Breathing? Yes, W enjoys breathing deeply, breathing loudly with his mouth wide open, and holding his breath. All for fun!

 Whenever W is sitting on my lap, every so often he looks up at me just like this. It is soo cute and I think he is just checking to see if I'm still there.
 We just bought W a bouncer since he likes to stand and bounce so much. 
P.S. He is wearing a diaper.
  Happy boy!

W prefers to be sitting up to poop (unfortunately for his carseat). He is concentrating on just that in this photo :)


Road Trip - Utah

Last week Winston and I took a little road trip to Utah. Winston was a champ driving to and from Utah; only fussing for about 30 minutes on the drive up (which we did straight from L.A.), and for only about 15 minutes between Salt Lake and Las Vegas on the way home. We enjoyed the beautiful autumn weather and loved watching the first big snow there. I forgot how beautiful Utah is!! And how cheap, and how country (there may have been a yak around the corner from where we stayed), and how Mormon- I want to live there, but Tyler said no :(

My favorite part of the trip may have just been wandering through the BYU bookstore looking at all the Christmas stuff. Tyler's lucky I didn't buy every last thing there. I love that Mormons celebrate holidays so well!

I think Winston's favorite part of the trip was breaking the rules and shnuggling with mama all nite every nite, and luckily he hasn't had a problem going back to sleeping in his own bed again. Winston also loved Nick & Dyanna's dog, Prez. Unfortunately, Prez did not reciprocate the love so Winston would just get really excited (i.e. squeal and bounce) whenever he saw Prez and then Prez would leave :( Good to know it's safe to get a puppy though!!

We also both loved visiting with friends and family. Apart from Nick & Dyanna (where we stayed), we managed to squeeze in several college/London friends including Jess and her brand new baby girl, Dottie, some friends from L.A. who recently moved to Utah, Ang & Mary, and Emily and Amy's families. I wish I had been better at taking photos, but we were so busy so there are only a few. Enjoy!

W and his pal, Jake Turner

W mesmerized by the falling snow

 W (with his new warmer hat) enjoying his first snow

  Temple square all covered in white

The fam after we all met up for dinner. From left to right: Amy, Adelyn, Step, Nolan, Ryan, Shelby, Emily, Mary & Ang. In front: W, Zach, and Kali.

All bundled up! He is the cutest!!